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Major Law is the law firm that you can count on when you’re in need of a criminal federal defense attorney in Philadelphia, PA vicinity. We’re happy to serve you with our legal representation. Whether you’re in need of legal help for criminal charges that were filed against you, getting child custody assistance, workers comp, divorce and all other legal services, we’re the legal team that you can rely on. When you’re in need of a criminal federal defense attorney that will not let you down, you can rely on the loyal team at Major Law. You can rely on us to offer you the confidential consultation that you’re looking for. If you want the peace of mind to extricate yourself from a situation, you have the convenience to rely on us. With our professional reputation for working with many clients, we give you the confidence that you will obtain the best representation in a criminal courtroom. 

The primary mission of the Major Law is to offer clients the quality civil litigation that will result in a positive outcome. Our law firm is constructed on honesty and professionalism. As a client, you’re ensured that you will obtain an effective and attentive legal help that works to your advantage. When we take civil litigation cases, we provide our clients with the competent advocacy that they deserve. We are devoted to helping individuals who are burdened with legal challenges and want assistance navigating the justice system. We give you our guarantee that we will do our best to fight on your behalf. 

If you reside in Philadelphia, we would love for you to reach out to our legal professionals at Major Law. We’re the legal team for you when you’re facing legal stress. We look forward to working on your case.



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